Pain Warriors

Hello Bloggers

I have had a rather difficult two weeks. More than usual. Thank goodness my therapist was on hand on Friday afternoon.  I attended another very useful EMDR session. For those of you who haven’t heard of EMDR – please check out the blog post on August 20th 2019.  

I added this piece to Health Professionals (and another valuable link to Stories).   

Facilitating patients in their goals to wellness can be stressful. I know. I have found many tools to help me cope with stress, all of which I have shared on my website and on the Blog section (2019/Aug/20). First rule in a crisis – start with yourself before you can help others. Another helpful link to Fight Burnout.  If you have any suggestions, please help build and improve this website by adding your thoughts to the comment section found on each page. Thank you for helping families and communites cope with chronic pain. 

Good luck with your journeys. 


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