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Welcome Readers and Partners in Care

Welcome friends.

I hope you find this site helpful. I have created it to help you manage chronic pain or anxiety and stress. Please remember to heed your healthcare provider’s advice first before following my advice.

Good Luck. Judy


Gentle Movements for Chronic Pain

Pain BC is inviting people living with chronic pain to an on-line gentle movements program.  Link. We can expect You Tube videos to follow.

If you aren’t lucky enough to be living in BC Canada (sorry – I am biassed – LOL ) then try Step 6 or the morning and evening exercises on the Daily Program.

Good Luck and keep moving. Judy

When COVID-19 gives us time to Learn.

Now that so many of us are at home, there is time to learn. I would like to share the joy learning has brought me.

I started writing four years ago and have taken courses to help me become a better writer. Many of these courses have been free – library courses, on-line Yale courses, and writers’ blogs.

Writing is fun but learning is funner. Hmmmm is that a word? It is also shocking. I have learned about my ignorance in so many aspects of life. I have started a wonderful course, called “Writing the Other” and I will share a link which is beautifully written by Carrie and hopefully there are health professionals out there who will read it too.

When Medicine Doesn’t speak the Right Language for my Body

stay safe and keep learning.  Judy

COVID-19 and Ibuprofent/NSAIDs

Good morning readers

There have been reports of Ibuprofen increasing the chance of severe illness if you are infected with COVID-19. Ibuprofen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory – NSAID. NSAIDs have been linked to kidney and heart disease. I have asked my patients to avoid them unless absolutely necessary. Other types of NSAIDs that are the same as Ibuprofen include Naproxen (Aleve), Diclofenac (Voltaren). Ask your pharmacist and avoid NSAIDs and Cox 2 inhibitors too, if possible. Always speak to your health care professional first before stopping any prescribed medication.

I don’t think we can say it’s scientifically proven that NSAIDs cause the virus to become more virulent, but I hope you will consider avoiding them anyway. They are potent drugs and do help for pain and fever, but the risk may not be worth it.

We don’t have a treatment yet for the virus. Antibiotics and Malaria drugs should not be used for a viral infection. They do have anti-inflammatory properties but should not be used for COVID-19 unless your doctor says otherwise.

Stay well-hydrated. Honey is a good anti-inflammatory – I believe honey in hot water can help – but not if you are a diabetic, please. Acetaminophen is safe, but only if you stay with the recommended doses. Read the dosing instructions carefully. Do not use more than 75mg/kg per day (per 24 hours)  for children (if your child weighs 10kg, or 22ibs, then maximum 750mg per 24 hours). Below a little chart for use in children.

And no more than 4g or 4000mg for adults. (Maximum 4gram) It is very toxic in overdose – even double the amount can damage your liver or cause death.

Rest, move around a bit but don’t overdo it if you are sick. Isolate from your family if you are sick. Sanitize the bathroom if you share.

Although we understand that COVID-19 is not as virulent as first thought – it kills just under 1% of people infected, it is still at least six times as deadly as the flu. Please do not underestimate the dangers.

Stay safe. Stay well. All the best. Judy

Cheat Sheet for Tylenol – Simplified version of above:

Acetominophen: Chewable Tylenol (160mg) per tablet. Children’s suspension: 160mg/5ml

24-35 ibs (2-3 years) Chewable Children’s Tylenol (160mg) – 1 tablet every 4 hours but only 5 tablets per 24 hours.     Children’s tylenol suspension 5ml (160mg) every 4 hours maximum 5 times per 24 hours. Maximum 25 ml per 24 hours.

36 – 47 ibs: Chewable tablet – 1.5 (1 and 1/2) tablet every 4 hours but only 5 per 24 hours.     Suspension: 7.5ml every 4 hours max 5 times per 24 hours

48-59 ibs: 2 Chewable children’s tablets every 4 hours, maximum 10 tablets in 24 hours.    Suspension – 10ml every 4 hours max 50ml in 24 hours.

Staying Safe and Well

Hello Readers

I hope you are staying safe. It is hard when we are isolating to lower our stress levels. Socializing is very important – try to get face time with friends and family. If that is not possible, then use the good old telephone. A friendly voice can make all the difference.

I have added some yoga for teens and kids on the Help – Resources for Children section of the website. Share with me and the rest of our readers if you have any good ideas to help others on the Contact form.

Good luck. All the best. Judy.

What do I do if I think I have COVID-19

If you think you have COVID-19 in Canada, these are the questions you should ask:

Am I so sick that i need to be in hospital? Is my breathing difficult and laboured and i feel I can’t breath? Or

Am I a health care professional or front line worker that is in contact with people?

Am I severely immuno-compromised that even a mild infection could rapidly get worse?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, contact the COVID line. if you can’t get through, phone your doctor – do not go to a doctor’s office with symptoms of a cold, flu, vomiting, or diarrhoea. Even body aches and congestion could be symptoms COVID-19.

If you have even minor symptoms that could be thought to be COVID-19 – assume that you have it and behave accordingly. Self-isolate for 14 days. Even allergy symptoms can look like COVID and only a test can tell the difference. And we can’t test everyone. We need to keep the tests for those that have to go out into the public.

Help your truck drivers, your grocery workers, your firemen, doctors, nurses, lab workers, hospital cleaners, garbage collectors and all the people that are risking their lives to keep our society safe. Stay home. Stay safe. Be compassionate. Spread love not hate. Fear causes hate.

All the best Judy

COVID-19 Call Out

Dear Readers

Please share the videos I have posted below.

We have an obligation with social media to spread the truth. A global truth. A truth that we are not alone in this world. What happens in China. India. Spain. What is happening in New York and long term facilities in New Jersey and Vancouver. This should matter to us. It affects us all.

When we are stressed, it is far easier to believe what we want to believe. What is more comfortable to believe in. We would like to believe that the news is an exaggerated response. That COVID-19 is maybe a bit worse than the flu. This is our Limbic System talking. The stress response automatically demands that we protect ourselves from fearful events. From this calamity that is happening right now. Our limbic system is trying to insulate us from the truth to spare us unpleasant emotions.

In our world, we have many people who have suffered emotional and physical traumas, and, when this happens in childhood, we respond in different ways. Some of us become more caring. We try to heal and help others. But there are people who respond to trauma in ways that are toxic to other people. To protect themselves, to survive their traumas, they become narcissists. Narcissists often end up in power because they know how to look after number one – themselves. They do not care about other people. They only care to make themselves look stronger. And we can be fooled by them because they become very good at making themselves look great.

Please listen to the video below. This man is dangerous. He is responsible already for the deaths of many people, and he will be responsible for the deaths of many more. But he will not take responsibility. It is up to us to take responsibility for the lives of our loved ones and to spread compassion and care to each other in an extraordinarily difficult time. Good luck and Godspeed. 

Coping With COVID-19

Hello Readers

I hope you are all managing in these difficult times. There is a huge amount of information out there and we are being bombarded with negative messaging. Please monitor your screen time carefully. Restrict time spent following COVID news by following only reliable sources, and then for a limited time. Turn to the comedy channel or find movies or posts that make you laugh. Better yet, turn off the computer and telly for long periods.

I have added a few links to this post today that I hope may be helpful to some of you. For those new to the site, my Daily Program provides the basic tools for anxiety and, further down the page, overwhelming stress. 

There are blessings we can count, but they can be mixed. Spending time with your children is difficult if you are working from home. Here is a link with some advice on how to manage COVID issues when you have children. 

COVID-19 Parenting Tips

If you live in BC, check out Self-Management BC. They have opened their telephone coaching again. You could also try the Pain Support Line from PainBC. 1844-880-PAIN (7246)

Below is a free on-line program to help cope with anxiety and stress. 

Please share uplifting posts, not negative posts. We can find those without any help. Feel free to share on my twitter – @judy_doc_author or Facebook 

This is a time where we can test ourselves. Our capacity for compassion. Please take care of yourselves and each other.    All the best      Judy

COVID19 causing anxiety

As we turn to our neighbours, not only locally, but globally, we are facing the challenge to approach a global crisis with grace and compassion. It is hard to think of others when we feel anxious and a pandemic is certainly a good reason to be anxious. 

There is more than enough news on the Corona virus, and almost all the news is negative. This virus will impact the health of many. Place risks on our loved ones and ourselves. It has already affected the economy. This is a cause for anxiety and could make an already difficult situation worse.   

Much of what is happening is out of our control, but we can make a difference by acting responsibly and calmly. Stay informed by reading reliable media sites. Your local CDC is the most reliable source. Avoid fear mongers. There are those out there eager to profit from our fear.

Call your public health office or hospital if you suspect you have symptoms. Call your doctor and report symptoms before coming to the office. Many doctors will make telephone consultations. In Canada, our government is supporting doctors to enable us to help our patients stay safe. 

Wash your hands and use sanitizer. Keep your distance from others. Report symptoms safely. 

And meanwhile try my Daily Program to help calm your Limbic System

Stay safe. Be calm. Be compassionate. With Love and Compassion. Judy. 

Dear Bloggers

Many of us who have had childhood difficulties have shame. Shame is that feeling when you feel embarrassed, of that you’ve done something wrong, or you’re not good enough. Have a look at the video below. 

Check out Complex PTSD if you are interested. 

Have a good day.  Judy

COVID19 Update

Good morning, or afternoon to my bloggers

I thought I’d give you a bit of an update on COVID again. As I’ve had many questions from my patients.  I’ve included some points of interest, mostly gleaned from WHO (World Health Organization). Please note that it is extremely unlikely that you will be infected by the virus – it is still rare unless you have been exposed in certain areas or situations. 

  1. It takes about 5-6 days to “catch” COVID. Influenza jumps to the next person in 3 days.
  2. COVID will be in your system about a day or two before symptoms, but so far it doesn’t appear to spread in that period. ,
  3. It is difficult to know when you have COVID. The symptoms are usually mild, but around 20% of cases are severe and there are about 5% of people that would require ICU care. Compared to influenza, death is more likely if you are infected with COVID. WHO states about 0.1% of people die from influenza while we believe 3-4% can die from COVID. Remember that COVID is still rare and you are far more likely to have a simple cold or the flu if you have a cough, fever, stuffy nose and body aches. 
  4. Children are less likely to get COVID.
  5. If you are elderly, or have immune suppressiion from chronic disease or certain medications, then you are at risk of serious illness.
  6. If you have a respiratory illness, stuffy nose, cough, sore throat, fever, chills, body aches, report this to the staff at your healthcare provider’s office when you make your appointment. They can advise you on what to do. I would suggest you not enter the office until your appointment time. If you haven’t spoken to your doctor, it may be best to be seated in a separate room if possible, or keep 6 foot apart from others until you are sure you are not infected. 
  7. Fear and anxiety cause more problems than a rare disease. Panic can lead to injury. Please be calm and respectful of peoples’ feelings. Compassion goes a long way to helping a crisis situation.                                           All the best               Judy