Back Pain – bending backwards?

Back pain in general is discussed in the section Back Pain

A simple forward stretch is a great relief if you have back pain when you bend backwards. Once your healthcare provider has excluded serious problems, you can manage your back pain with this simple exercise. Each time your back hurts, spend a minute or more, if you can, doing this forward stretch to relieve the pain. Initially you may have to do this very often, but the more you do the stretch, the better your back will get. Sometimes it can take a few days to notice a difference, sometimes a few weeks.

Stretching and walking are the most important part of treatment. When walking, watch that your posture is correct. If your balance is poor or you are weak, stand next to a sturdy chair or table and walk in place or a little backwards and forwards. This could be boring. You could do it watching TV. Could split it up into sections. You can walk small distances, for short periods, even a few minutes at a time, a number of times a day, until you can walk an hour a day. Once your pain has improved, stretching should be done twice a day, after breakfast and before going to sleep.

Below is a program you could do every morning and evening. You may need a strap or a towel over the sole of your foot if you are too sore or not flexible enough to manage the stretches. 

Below are wonderful resources for back pain. Take your time. Remember that if you sit for longer than 20 minutes, your fascia gets stuck. Stuck fascia can cause pain and you don’t always feel that immediately. Get up, move around, walk in place, stretch and then you can sit again.

Resources for relaxation, stretching and exercise

The website has many different areas to search for pain – try the other exercises on the Back Pain  Link.  listen to your body and find what works. Remember to check out Step 5 which is about Pacing, and Step 2, Breathing. 

Once your pain is improving – try the evening exercise on the Daily Program. You can do these exercises, once you’ve learned them, in about 5 minutes. Do them twice a day. Can do more often if you have significant pain and the time to do them. 

If this is too easy, then go to  Step 6. Sitting is the new Smoking