Knee Pain

Here are tried and tested knee exercise programs. 

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Great Knee advice for osteoarthritis

There are many different reasons for knee pain. Consult your healthcare provider.

If you have knee arthritis – go to Arthritis

80% of your knee strength is from your quads. Exercise is your friend.

If you have arthritis, exercise can help pain. If exercise is not possible, ask your doctor if a knee injection will help. Cortisone or hyaluronic acid can be used, but there are other treatments being trialed.

The safest exercise for knees is running in deep water. If you don’t have a pool readily available, then using a stationary bicycle is great for knees. Make sure your leg is almost straight when your pedal is at the lowest point.

A common cause of knee pain is patello-femoral syndrome

– You don’t have to bend your knees as much as the person who is demonstrating the exercise. Just bend the knees to a point of comfort.

Here is a knee pain program that you can try from

Pain at the back of the knee with swelling, could be a popliteal bursa – Baker’s Cyst.

If you have knock knees, you are likely to have more pain as you get older. Here are some exercises that can help.