Premenopause can start anytime from the age of 37 or so, usually it starts around 40s.

I remember hitting premenopause like it was yesterday, not umpteen years ago. One minute I could sleep mid-way between good and night – and the next I could count myself lucky if I managed two hours of sleep a night.

Premenopause is like a race to the finish. Your ovaries seem to realize their time is almost up. They spew out more and more estrogen. The imbalance between estrogen and progesterone and hormones from your pituitary gland leads to changes in sleep, body temperature, skin creepy crawlies, and irritation, mood changes, anxiety, even anger. 

Premenopause should be taken very seriously by those who have symptoms. Not everyone is affected, but those of us who have had anxiety or depression or complex PTSD, are usually badly affected – physically mentally. It is the time when many women end their long term relationships. And often, 5 to 10 years later, women develop an inflammatory type of heart attack. It is a critical time because of hormonal stress.

This physical stress lights up the Limbic System – your Flight Fright (Freeze) Fight Center. Not sleeping and increased pain add to the burden. The stress load becomes heavier. It can tip the balance. With the limbic system overactive, inflammation goes up, and you could experience more pain, migraines, and even develop chronic diseases, like heart disease. Early heart attacks in women are linked to premenopause and menopause. 

These changes affect different people differently. Some women breeze through premenopause and menopause. Others notice their bodies and moods changing.

Some people don’t recognize their anxiety or depression. You could have a look at this link – Rating depression/anxiety by using PHQ-9 and GAD-7 Forms

I believe that working on symptoms of Premenopause can help prevent disease later in life. Try the Daily Program, in particular, the program that Calms the Limbic and Inflammation centre. 

Good Luck

The work is worth it