Step 2 Breathing and Chronic Pain

Think about every First Aid lesson you’ve ever had. A B C 

Your airway is fine if you are reading this, but your Breathing is possibly not optimal. Best breathing leads to Best Health. (C is for Circulation – which means Exercise.)

Nothing is more important than breathing and that goes for pain too.

Breathing in – that engages your flight fright fight response.

Breathing out – engages your relaxation – LETTING GO – your breathe in needs to be half as long as breathing out.

Focus on not breathing with your upper body. if you can, get a “breathing buddy” to help you.

Learn how to breath properly – A Ten Minute Video that can change your Life. After clicking the arrow in the middle of the picture – read below.

Practice, Practice, Practice. Start lying on your back in bed. Breathe out and use a hand on your belly to push the breathe out. Then breathe in, fill your belly with air – like a lovely round Buddha belly. Practice in front of a mirror. See if your shoulders are moving up. Practice In the shower, in bed, in the bath, any spare minute that you find. You have to change a habit of poor breathing that you have had for many years. For those of you that are like me, loosen up first. Shake your shoulders a little and concentrate on relaxing your chest wall.

Here is a link to help with stress

Use the Body to Calm the Mind

Here is another Site to help you. Breathing. 

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Daily program

During the day you can find a safe place and practice Sleep Meditations to calm your Limbic System. Do NOT do this without health care advice from a health professional if you have PTSD or a Bipolar Mood Disorder. 

Chronic sinusitis can be from inflammation. Check with your health care provider first. 

You could try Traditional Teas, like Breathe Easy – drink one cup three times a day. 

Sinna spray has helped me – It is a natural nasal spray.

If your sinuses appear very congested, you could try kneeling on the floor and bending forward to the ground with your elbows on the ground and your forehead on the floor or on your hands. This position makes your sinus position above your nose 

Follow this link to Help with Stress.

Use the Body to Calm the Mind

Sleep Apnea exercises can help with stress and sleep apnea.