Step 2 Breathing and Chronic Pain

Think about every First Aid lesson you’ve ever had. A B C 

Your airway is fine if you are reading this, but your Breathing is possibly not optimal. Best breathing leads to Best Health. (C is for Circulation – which means Exercise.)

Ventral vagal breath: Abdominal breathing stimulates the front part of the vagus nerve – ventral Vagus. This counteracts the Fight Flee Freeze response of the Alarm brain. 

Holding your palm to your heart and the other hand over your belly feeds the alarm brain with the message of a hug.

Nothing is more important than breathing and that goes for pain too.

Breathing in – that engages your flight fright fight response.

Breathing out – engages your relaxation – LETTING GO – your breathe in needs to be half as long as breathing out.

Focus on not breathing with your upper body. if you can, get a “breathing buddy” to help you.

Learn how to breath properly – A Ten Minute Video that can change your Life. After clicking the arrow in the middle of the picture – read below.

Correct breathing lowers inflammation. Other ways to lower inflammation can be found in these techniques: Using the Body to Calm the Limbic system. 

Chronic sinusitis and post nasal drip is a form of Inflammation. These exercises help to improve sinus drainage. 

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