Step 2 Breathing and Chronic Pain

Think about every First Aid lesson you’ve ever had. A B C 

Your airway is fine if you are reading this, but your Breathing is possibly not optimal. Best breathing leads to Best Health. (C is for Circulation – which means Exercise.)

Nothing is more important than breathing and that goes for pain too.

Breathing in – that engages your flight fright fight response.

Breathing out – engages your relaxation – LETTING GO – your breathe in needs to be half as long as breathing out.

Focus on not breathing with your upper body. if you can, get a “breathing buddy” to help you.

Learn how to breath properly – A Ten Minute Video that can change your Life. After clicking the arrow in the middle of the picture – read below.

Practice, Practice, Practice. Start lying on your back in bed. Breathe out and use a hand on your belly to push the breathe out. Then breathe in, fill your belly with air – like a lovely round Buddha belly. Practice in front of a mirror. See if your shoulders are moving up. Practice In the shower, in bed, in the bath, any spare minute that you find. You have to change a habit of poor breathing that you have had for many years. For those of you that are like me, loosen up first. Shake your shoulders a little and concentrate on relaxing your chest wall.

Here is a link to help with stress

Here is another Site to help you. Breathing. 

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Daily program

During the day you can find a safe place and practice Sleep Meditations to calm your Limbic System. Do NOT do this without health care advice from a health professional if you have PTSD or a Bipolar Mood Disorder. 

Chronic sinusitis can be from inflammation. Check with your health care provider first. 

You could try Traditional Teas, like Breathe Easy – drink one cup three times a day. 

Sinna spray has helped me – It is a natural nasal spray

Follow this link to Help with Stress.