Step 2 Breathing and Chronic Pain

Think about every First Aid lesson you’ve ever had. A B C 

Your airway is fine if you are reading this, but your Breathing is possibly not optimal. Best breathing leads to Best Health. (C is for Circulation – which means Exercise.)

Nothing is more important than breathing and that goes for pain too.

Breathing in – that engages your flight fright fight response.

Breathing out – engages your relaxation – LETTING GO – your breathe in needs to be half as long as breathing out.

Focus on not breathing with your upper body. if you can, get a “breathing buddy” to help you.

Learn how to breath properly – A Ten Minute Video that can change your Life. After clicking the arrow in the middle of the picture – read below.

Correct breathing lowers inflammation. Other ways to lower inflammation can be found in these techniques: Using the Body to Calm the Limbic system. 

Chronic sinusitis and post nasal drip is a form of Inflammation. These exercises help to improve sinus drainage.