Daily Program

No matter the source of your stress, physical or emotional, the body can be soothed by calming the alarm center of your brain.

The most important first step is to conquer the art of breathing with your diaphragm: Paced abdominal breathing. The in-breath, inspiration, should be half as long as the out-breath – expiration. You could achieve this with box breathing – breathe in (for 4 counts) hold – 2 counts, breath out – 4 counts – hold for 2 counts. Or make up a variation that suits you – in for 4, out for 6, hold for 2.

Along with correct breathing, you could follow a daily program of morning and evening exercises. Choose the one you like. Let your body guide you – adapt the exercise according to your abilities. You could do them in a chair if necessary. In the beginning, you may not be able to do them all. Remember – check with your physician first.

Morning exercises – try them and pick the one that suits you

Evening Exercises – Pick one that suits you

There are meditations that can be used to help sleep https://painimprovement.com/sleep-disorder-insomnia/

If you are overwhelmed, here are two easy soothing exercises.


If you still have doubts, please watch this video which highlights the need to stretch and exercise to heal fascia.

Complex PTSD causes enormous physical and emotional stress. It affects the body and causes diseases.

Good Luck. There is no shame in pain.