Safety First

If you are overwhelmed with stress or even pain, it can make you very sick.

Try these techniques that can help you regulate your emotions. This may seem very weird and a waste of time, but it has proven stimulation of each side of the brain that helps calm the Limbic System.

If you don’t like some of these methods, switch to another one.

Try the 5 point Grounding Technique

5 – look around and if possible say out loud 5 things you can see

4 – listen for 4 things you can hear – say out loud again if you can

3 – three things you can touch 

2 – things you can smell

1 – one thing you taste

Another effective way to relieve stress is by standing and marching with arms vigorously


You can lift your legs – even while sitting – and tap each knee or leg with the opposite hand.

The Daily program has a number of calming tools like Step 2 Breathing.

The Daily Program also has a lovely exercise called a body scan which I think is great to do once a day until you are tuned into your body. 

One suggested program for increasing the connections between the left and the right side of the brain. It can help increase energy and decrease fatigue. 

Start every morning and end every evening with this Qi Gong exercise.

At least once a day – do this 5 minute body scan:

When you are feeling tired, or overwhelmed, try this:

This exercise below can be done sitting – be sure that when you bend your knees and straight, that you can see your toes, so the knee mustn’t be bent too much. Adjust the exercise for sitting until you are comfortable standing. Do sit if you are inclined to get dizzy or if you are on the older side. 

QiGong can manage anxiety and stress very well.

You can substitute the Qi Gong exercise with this Yoga exercise.

Here are some yoga practices you could try making part of your routine. Adjust the exercises if you find some postures too challenging. Standing and breathing and noticing your body will help heal. 

For more advanced yoga practitioners, below are some short programs you could try making part of your routine.