I am a family physician and writer. I started this website because so many of my patients struggle with chronic pain. When the opioid crisis became evident, many of my patients were left with fewer options to manage their pain.

Managing chronic pain is complex and difficult. I mean this website as a guide, a tool to help with aspects of your pain, but it is also a tool for general health. Please use it with your health care provider.

This is a labour of love. I received a small fee from the Northern Interior Rural Division (NIRD) to start the project, but I work on it alone. Apologies for the sections that have videos that no longer work. Maintaining the website is an immense job and I work full time as a doctor, so it’s difficult to keep up sometimes.

I have received no funding from any source other than the initial funding from NIRD (nonprofit division of BC).

The site is not a substitute for usual health care

All opinions on the website are not necessarily the opinions of NIRD or Dr. Judy D.

Feel free to contact me via the Contact form if you have a different point of view that you wish to share. No question is irrelevant and no critique is unimportant.

A team approach improves chronic pain. The web is a great place to help each other.