Diet and Lifestyle

Please check with your health care provider before embarking on any changes in lifestyle.

If you drink more than 3 to 4 drinks per day, most days of the week, be careful quitting immediately. You should first talk to your health care provider. If you do quit suddenly, cold turkey, you have to take 3 days of Thiamine 100mg daily to prevent a certain permanent brain damage. 

If you have an apple shaped body, and/or high blood pressure, gout, high glucose, cholesterol problems, you likely have metabolic disease. 

The Mediterranean Diet is a healthy diet and after decades still considered one of the healthiest diets. 

The Keto Diet has become popular. It can be adjusted with Mediterranean or used on its own. 

Many people are gluten intolerant. Some people have Celiac Disease. Avoid Bran, Rye, Oats and Wheat. 

Some people are intolerant to gluten. If you have celiac disease it can be Barley Rye Oats and Wheat can be toxic to your body. 

Discuss with your provider helpful supplements. N-acetylcysteine 1200mg twice daily has been found to reduce body-focused repetitive behaviors. 

Cytosine is a natural form of varenicline. Use 1.5mg to 9mg per day for 25 weeks along with the Daily Program or Ways to Calm Down.

If you want to quit smoking – here is a natural Champix.

You could try a natural product: Talk to your HCP first (doc)

L- Cystine (500mg) 1 cap every 2 hours – 6 caps per day – first 3 days

Then 1 cap every 2.5 hours – 5 caps per day –  4 to 12 days

Then 1 cap every 3 hours per day for max 4 caps per day

Then 1 cap every 5 hours max 3 caps per day

End with 1- 2 caps per day


Link to a diet that can lower inflammation and pain.

Sleep apnea is unhealthy for your body and can often be fixed by daily exercises – It sure stopped my sleep apnea in 10 days – but you have to keep doing it. Exercises