Chest Wall Pain

Chest pain is always something that could be serious. Please see your doctor if you have chest pain and if it is severe take an ambulance to the Emergency Room.

If your doctor has assured you that it is chest wall pain, or costochondritis, or Bornholm’s Syndrome, or Tietze’s Syndrome – These are all names for the same condition – Chest wall pain.

Chest wall pain can be so severe you can feel you are having a heart attack.
The pain can be stabbing or burning. It can make breathing painful, and movement painful. And if the pain is severe, you can even feel short of breath. Severe pain often causes nausea but this is not common with chest wall pain.

To understand the cause of chest wall pain, you need to watch the videos on Step 3.

It’s actually difficult to get rid of this pain. Pain medications often don’t help. I would suggest you try the chair yoga in Step 6 or Posture exercises or the morning and evening exercises in the Daily Program. Healing breathing is always beneficial. Learn how to breathe properly. Also try and eat well, avoid junk food and pre-prepared foods and alcohol.