Shame Response – Never Good Enough

When you encounter difficulties in your life, particularly when you are a child, you are often left with feelings of shame. These feelings are disguised. Often you won’t recognize them. Examples of shame responses – I didn’t do that well enough, I am not good enough, I didn’t work hard enough, I should do more, I am not normal, I am different to others. The list goes on. Share in the comment box if you can think of shame responses that apply to you. ( I am the only one working on this program).

When we have complex PTSD we almost always have shame responses and these feelings can stand in the way of reaching out for help. Please reach to people who care and this includes local mental resources. In Canada we have free mental health, women’s resources, and Canadian Mental Health services. 

Shame or low self image is usually a result of Complex PTSD.  Try the link to Complex PTSD and Try the Daily Program to help manage symptoms.

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