Care Plan

Chronic Pain is different to Acute Pain and you may find the first few days of this program very difficult. Listen to your body. Do your exercises or stretches at least twice a day, after breakfast and before sleep, even if you only manage a few minutes. Remember the more you do, the better it will get.

Choose the program that best suits you:

Paced Abdominal Breathing to calm your Alarm Center    ______________________________________

Recovery Poses for severe back pain                                       ______________________________________

Simple morning and evening Qi-Gong Exercises                      __________________________________

Short periods of walking around the house or on even ground outside __________________________

Short periods of cycling on a stationary bicycle a few times a day ________________________________

Fun Activities I enjoy   ____________________________________________________________________________

Support Person(s)   ______________________________________________________________________________

Allied Health Care          ___________________________________________________________________________

Medication           _________________________________________________________________________________

Next Appointment                             ___________/________________/_____________