I speak a lot about inflammation and the reason I do, is because inflammation is responsible for at least 60% of deaths from chronic disease. There are some videos below and information that is hopefully helpful.

When you’re stressed, watching videos can be confusing and overwhelming.

Start with one video – watch for 2 minutes and pause the video or even stop.

Go and Do something else and then you can return and start over or continue.

You may find it takes weeks or even months to get through some of these videos.

If you don’t feel like reading – pick a video – if it doesn’t speak to you – try the next one below and just keep exploring until you find a video that seems to be a good one for you

It is very important to learn about stress as stress causes inflammation.

Inflammation happens in your body when your body feels under threat, like when there is a bug, like COVID, or your body is exposed to a toxin, like excess carbohydrates or glucose when you’re a diabetic. Your body responds with inflammation. 

Everybody responds different to this stress of inflammation. If the inflammation lasts for a long time, in other words it is chronic inflammation, it causes diseases. 3 out of 5 people will die from chronic inflammation because it causes diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, allergic reactions. Check out my blog on inflammation. 

When you have stress, it is very hard to get better. The first step is learning breathing that lowers inflammation and improves recovery. 

Watch these videos:  Breathing

The Daily Program has many tools to help with stress. Choose the one that suits you

These programs can help reduce inflammation and inflammation is responsible for many diseases, including heart attacks, stroke, cancer. Stress is also associated with hypertension and diabetes.

if you have had trauma, or difficulties in your childhood, you may want to watch some videos on Complex PTSD

Extreme stress, including chronic pain or mental health stress, causes trauma. 

More on Limbic System.

Managing stress can be especially difficult if your brain is traumatized. 

I have laid out some strategies on the Daily Program

Reaching out to friends, family, mental health workers, your health care professionals, and very importantly, a person who can help you spiritually.


Consider looking at the link to improving sleep: Sleep Hygiene and Tips.