Elbow Pain

Sometimes Elbow pain can be noticed first in your forearm or even your wrist.

Consult with your healthcare provider. If you have a diagnosis of tennis or golfer’s elbow, here are some videos that may help. The more pain you have, the more often you have to do the stretching exercises. The first few days you may have to stretch out the tendon for a minute or two every hour. Then do for longer but further apart until you are only doing the exercises twice a day. It can take months to heal.  Fascia can take a long time to heal, and tendons probably the longest. 

Rubbing an ice cube around the area at the elbow until the skin is numb, not frozen, can help more than an ice pack.

Tennis elbow can be caused by a sudden or repetitive injury, often in people more likely to develop tendon problems. The treatment for acute injury is ice, rest, analgesics and stretching of the tendon. Chronic tendonitis is more difficult to treat. Ice or heat can be used, depending on what seems to help you most. Stretching the tendon is important. Massage, physiotherapy and acupuncture can be helpful. If the pain is severe, infiltration of cortisone is an option, but has side effects. Surgery can be helpful, but is not always curative.