Hip Pain

Where you hurt, doesn’t always point to the source of your pain. Pain along the outside of your pelvis, often moving down the outside of your thigh, used to be called trochanteric bursitis, or piriformis syndrome. We now know this kind of pelvis pain comes from the back and buttock muscles, rather like rotator cuff syndrome of the shoulders.

True hip pain is usually be felt in the groin, close to your pubic bone. It can travel down your inside or mid-thigh to your knee.

Hip osteoarthritis will often first be felt when you get up from a chair to walk (although you will also feel back pain like this ) and it will often be felt when you shift your leg to the side to get out of a car. Below are videos and links on advice on osteoarthritis and exercise videos for hip pain.

There are many causes of hip pain, from osteoarthritis, to rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, to polymyalgia rheumatica. Your provider can help you interpret and manage your pain. 

Great Advice on Hip Osteoarthritis. 


Below are more exercises to try. Tensor Fascia Latae is a thick band of Fascia that runs down the side of your leg from your pelvis. 

Here are some tips and other exercises you may wish to try:

Try the Daily Program Evening Exercise but you should do them at least twice a day. The more pain you have, the more often you need to stretch, sometimes even every 30 minutes – even if only for a minute or two. “Break up the fascia”  The evening exercise can be done on the bed if you can’t do it on the floor. It stretches the fascia of the lower back, hips, knees and ankles. 

Pain on the side of your hip, over that bony part, that is actually a back /butt muscle problem. Here is a geriatric exercise below.