Recovery Poses for the back

if you have pain that is severe and you can’t do the ordinary stretches or the pain is too severe to stretch, then you need to do recovery poses.

Every time you have pain, you have to move into the recovery pose. Speak to your doctor. You may have to take off work as you may have to do the recovery exercise very many times a day. Usually your back will improve in a week or two so that you can move to proper back stretches.
Do you have pain when you are sitting? To release your muscles, you have to stretch your back gently.

Lie on your bed, or on the floor, on your stomach, with a pillow under your hips.
The top part of the pillow should be at the level of your hip bones, above your pubic bone. The bottom part of your pillow will be around your knees. Lie in this position for a few minutes until your pain feels better then roll gently over and use your arms to help your body lift up to a sitting position.

If you can’t lie on your stomach, try standing facing a wall. Legs spread just a bit more than shoulder width apart. Place your palms on the wall – above your head and forearms against the wall too – should be comfortable. Stretch your head to the ceiling to the back is stretched up and then dip your pelvis towards the wall, so that the lower back is more hollow. try and relax while doing it. Do every hour at least for a minute or two. Trying to stretch out the fascia that is contracted. 
If this is too difficult, you could could try a resting /sleeping position:

If you have pain standing or stretching backwards, try this recovery pose:

If your pain is too severe to manage the stretch above – sit at a lowish table and rest your head on a pillow and try to keep your back curved into a C shape. Do this every time you have pain. you may be in this position every 10 minutes for the first 3 days. 

Severe pain causes the Limbic System to light up. This makes pain more unbearable. While in recovery poses and at other times of the day, practice Restorative Breathing found in Step 2

You could further lower the alarm system by practicing meditation techniques found in Sleep and Meditations