Sciatic Nerve Pain and Stenosis

Sciatic nerve pain is a well known cause of pain. True sciatic nerve pain should be managed by a health care provider. Do not undertake any of these exercises without your health care provider’s input.  

If you experience weakness of a limb and especially if you have numbness around your genital area or lack of control of your bladder and bowel – contact a doctor urgently. 

Like most chronic pain, with back pain there is no ready cure. Even opioids can provide at most 30% relief. You can go a long way to improve your pain by following tried and tested methods. Remember – check in first with your healthcare provider

Do you have Red Flags?

Change in Urinary leaking since onset of back pain? 

Are you leaking feces? That’s poop or stool – take your pick?

Have you had a recent injury prior to the back pain – like a fall, or a severe bump or worse?

Do you have existing cancer or an autoimmune disease?

When the pain started, was it there all the time, every minute of the day and it is not improving?

Is the pain worse in your legs compared to your back? Ask yourself, if you had to choose between a pill for the back and one for the legs, which would you choose.

If your foot drops, you can’t raise your foot, or you notice your foot “slaps” when you are walking – almost tripping over your feet – that is an emergency. Test for weakness by sitting, keep your heel on the floor, and raise the front part of your foot towards the ceiling. If this is easy and normal, you could have someone apply pressure and see if you can lift against resistance.

If you have any one of these symptoms noted above – STOP – see your doctor IMMEDIATELY

Spinal cord under pressure of bulging disc

Here are some recovery poses for severe sciatica back pain

Below are exercises. Do them on the bed, using cushions or pillows or straps if you need to. 

Foraminal Stenosis  – Click on the link below