Neck and Upper Back Pain

Neck pain is common. Consult your health care provider before following any treatment recommended on the website.

Do regular body scans – especially checking where you are holding tension in your body. Unclench your hands and jaw and drop the shoulders. Take a good deep abdominal breath. Check Step 2.  You can see the video with the woman in pink. Also pay attention to Fascia

Once serious pathology has been excluded, neck pain can be managed with stretching.

This needs to be done often during the day. Here is a great explanation on why so many people have neck pain.

Here are some neck exercises but be sure to check the video below as well.

90% of people breathe incorrectly. If you breathe vertically – moving her neck and shoulders up with in-drawing, that causes chronic neck problems. See this link which explains it well. Step 2 Breathing and Chronic Pain