Step 3 Understanding Fascia

When you look at the fascia videos below, remember that fascia is involved in every part of your body. Bladder. Bowel. Chest wall. Lungs. Face. Everywhere. The second video explains inside fascia and the first video focuses more on pain. 

Small Steps to Pain Improvement Starts with healing Fascia. Massage therapists, Physiotherapists and other healers have known this for years.

I created the video below to explain fascia as involving all organs.

Dr. Gill Headley says it best: Careful – Graphic Video

This video below explains why it is so important to stretch. If you have a chronic pain problem, your fascia is more sticky and you will need to stretch even every 30- 60 minutes in the beginning until your fascia heals. Even one minute of stretching can make a difference and you can do it at your desk or even while in a shopping line – start a trend and have yoga in your grocery store.

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The Limbic System, if overactive, can cause inflammation and diseased fascia.