Symptoms of Heart Attack, Stroke, Peripheral Artery Disease.

Symptoms of heart attack
These symptoms with exercise could also be Angina:
Chest pain over the left and middle of the chest
• Worst heart burn ever
• Could sometimes just be very severe
• upper abdominal pain or
• left shoulder /arm pain or
• jaw pain – left side of neck or
• left shoulder blade area
• If you have diabetes or are over the age of 75 or if you are a woman you could be having a heart attack if you experience extraordinary dizziness with sweating, shortness of breath, nausea and weakness
If you think you’re having a heart attack,
chew 1/2 REGULAR Asprin & call 911
Symptoms of a stroke
F face – look at your face in mirror – one side lopsided
A arms – hold both up – one might be weaker
S speech – say something out aloud even if you are alone – speech will be garbled – nonsense – or slurred
T time – get down to ER by ambulance ASAP as time is brain – clot busters can save your brain

Symptoms of Heart failure
Weight gain weigh yourself every day. If gain 3 ibs or more – fluid retention. Need a diuretic or drink less fluid
Shortness of breath lying flat
raise the head of the bed – can use blocks
or simply use more cushions
Getting up in the middle of the night short of breath – come in.
Coughing more than usual – heart failure cough is usually frothy
(asthma coughing is usually thick and or sticky)

Symptoms of Peripheral Vascular Disease
Blockages in your arteries can affect circulation in your legs.
Symptoms are the same as angina in heart –
can get pain in your leg muscles when walking. If you stop and the
pain goes away after a few minutes, usually 5 minutes, then walk
again. If the pain comes back, it could mean your muscles are
starved of oxygen – PVD very much like heart muscles starved
of oxygen in angina.
(google – Diet lifestyle and Chronic disease)

If you have high blood pressure, tend to put weight on your belly, or if you have gout or diabetes or somewhat high sugar, you could have Metabolic Disease. 

You could try a natural product: Talk to your HCP first (doc)

L- Cystine (500mg) 1 cap every 2 hours – 6 caps per day – first 3 days

Then 1 cap every 2.5 hours – 5 caps per day –  4 to 12 days

Then 1 cap every 3 hours per day for max 4 caps per day

Then 1 cap every 5 hours max 3 caps per day

End with 1- 2 caps per day