Alternative Treatments

There are many types of alternative treatments that could help manage chronic pain. Work with your healthcare provider to find the one that best suits you.
Unfortunately, pursuing non-pharmacological treatments can sometimes be viewed as “alternative medicine”, but play a major role in your own health care plan and ensure an increased chance of success.
The placebo effect is as high as 30% – which means 30% of the time we heal ourselves by believing in something. Believe in yourself.

QiGong is a great Healing tool

From The Body Keeps the Score – Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma – Bessel van Der Kolk:

Fundamental Truths:

  1. Our capacity to destroy one another is matched by our capacity to heal one another. Restoring relationships and community is central to restoring well-being.
  2. language gives us the power to changes ourselves and others by communicating our experiences, helping us to define what we know, and finding a common sense of meaning.
  3. we have the ability to regulate our own physiology, including some of the so-called involuntary functions of the body and brain, through such basic activities as breathing, moving and touching; and
  4. we can change social conditions to create environments in which children and adults can feel safe and where they can thrive.

Managing chronic pain is frustrating and exhausting. Sometimes you could feel a sense of hopelessness. There are many opinions out there that can be confusing.  When you are in pain, it may be hard to choose a therapy that feels right for you. Turn to your support network and ask around. Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi gong have all been shown to improve pain and relieve anxiety.

Types of Alternative Treatments

Once your healthcare provider has excluded serious pathology, you can explore different therapies. The internet can give you an idea of the various options out there. Consult teachers wherever possible.

Yoga: Yoga Webinars PainBC

Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Chiropracters, Osteopaths, Massage therapists and Physiotherapists and Naturopaths can help you discover ways to find relief.

There are many new therapies that could be explored. Before spending your hard-earned money on these new therapies, please research them carefully. There are articles suggesting that injections of plasma, as in Prolotherapy, are no better than placebo.


Try meditation to help you heal and sleep