Improve Chronic Pain – Where to Start?

Chronic Pain is toxic to your body. It is difficult to treat. I have created this program to help you discover a path to healing. There are videos to help with education and tools to improve your health and chronic pain.

Widespread or severe pain registers on your Limbic System and other parts of your brain. It causes changes in your body and affects your life. If you are interested, watch the video below. If you have severe pain, turn the volume down (I have a loud voice). You may need to watch only a minute, step away, then come back later, watch a bit more, rinse and repeat, until you have watched the whole video.

If you feel overwhelmed with pain, I would suggest you start on The Daily Program. There are heaps of resources on the internet, try On-line Resources and On-line Support for adults.

If you feel ready to jump in, try the Step-by-Step approach on the right side of the page.

Part of this program includes other tools for General Health Issues. Please note this is not a substitute for health care. Consult your health care provider. 

Are we losing our way in medicine?

Medicine is more than pharmacy. Are we spending our dollars on the end point of medicine – the complications of diseases that have preventable causes?

Linn Getz has a wonderful lecture you can view under Articles and Talks

She talks about Molecular Medicine – Where the body is seen as a machine (Bio-) and Meaning and Experience – Psycho-Social Medicine – Humanistic Sciences.

Biology – We can develop pain because of our genes or because of diseases and injuries. Western medicine focuses very much on the biology of disease.

Psychosocial Medicine? Our environment and our interactions with ourselves and others influence health tremendously. You will notice I spend much of my time on stress and disease. How we cope with our pain – emotional and physical – and how we interact with our environment affects us and those around us.

Our environment is especially important in our childhood. Sometimes our mother or father may have stress, illness, or other issues that make their ability to meet all your needs impossible or very difficult. This is most often through no fault of their own. Usually struggling parents have had difficult childhoods themselves. The cycle of pain is transferred from generation to generation. Nadine Burke Harris has an excellent video on the effect of trauma on health. The same harmful effects can be seen on trauma in adulthood. 

I do mention opioids. Because of the opioid crisis there are patients in severe pain who may be suffering because of restrictions in pain medications. Healthcare providers are having a difficult time working around new guidelines. Let’s all work together. We must listen to each other. Use your voice. There are forms to speak to your healthcare provider.

Conversations About Pain are Important. Please remember to be mindful and respectful. People suffering with chronic pain are often overwhelmed and traumatized. They may even have chronic pain because of past deep seated traumas. You can help by being kind.

Colonization of Indigenous People has resulted in trauma affecting generations. Systemic racism is apparent in our institutions and in even well meaning people. Until I started writing 5 years ago, I was unaware of my own white fragility, even prejudice creeping in without me realizing it. Living a life of white privilege often blinds us to the micro and macro injustices dealt out to people of color. Below a wonderful video. 

 For General Health:

Diet Lifestyle and Chronic Disease

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Quick links to Stress and Difficult Childhood Management

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From the age of 38, women can experience the stress of Premenopause.

Many of our problems stem from a Shame response. It leads to symptoms of never feeling good enough or full enough – always empty, which can lead to overeating and heavy drinking. 

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