Improve Chronic Pain – Where to Start?

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Understanding Chronic Pain in just a little under 8 minutes: If you have chronic pain, no matter the cause, it causes health problems. Your pain can improve. Watch the video and click the link below.

If you feel overwhelmed or have severe pain, here is a link to get started. High Impact Pain.

An acute injury or illness, if undertreated, affects your body and brain in ways that can then lead to chronic pain. Any pain lasting more than three months is called chronic, even if the pain is not there all the time, like migraines.

Chronic pain (unlike acute) has bio psycho social factors influencing it. Tissue damage, how we react to the damage and our underlying personalities and social/community/economic factors all play a role. All too often the balance of management shifts to psycho – causing more distress. All three have to be managed.

The causes of chronic pain can be missed. Unfortunately, too often, the patient is left feeling the pain is in their head. Sometimes, not even tests reveal the exact cause of the pain. This is damaging to the patient. Science and healthcare providers aren’t perfect. Revisit your pain with your physician and listen to your body.

It’s especially hard to listen to your body when your brain is in alarm. The longer the brain is in alarm, the less reliable it is as an indicator of tissue damage. If you can learn to lower the alarm of the brain, your body’s pain messages will be more accurate. Lowering the alarm in your brain is especially hard when you are in pain. 

If you feel Panic, or Overwhelmed, then try this LINK.

 I hope you find the information helpful to you. Please note, the website is not a substitute for your health care provider. 

If you feel overwhelmed with pain, I would suggest you start on The Daily Program. There are heaps of resources on the internet, try On-line Resources and On-line Support for adults.

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Please note this is not a substitute for health care. Consult your health care provider. 

I do mention opioids. Because of the opioid crisis there are patients in severe pain who may be suffering because of restrictions in pain medications. Healthcare providers are having a difficult time working around new guidelines. Let’s all work together. We must listen to each other. Use your voice. There are forms to speak to your healthcare provider.

Conversations About Pain are Important. Please remember to be mindful and respectful. People suffering with chronic pain are often overwhelmed and traumatized. They may even have chronic pain because of past deep seated traumas. You can help by being kind.

Colonization of Indigenous People has resulted in trauma affecting generations. Systemic racism is apparent in our institutions and in even well meaning people. Until I started writing 5 years ago, I was unaware of my own white fragility, even prejudice creeping in without me realizing it. Living a life of white privilege often blinds us to the micro and macro injustices dealt out to people of color. Below a wonderful video. 

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