Improve Chronic Pain – Where to Start?

Ubuntu   What affects one affects us all

To improve pain, it’s hard to know where to start. Take a look at the video below. Hover your computer mouse over the arrow and click the arrow to watch the video. Best medical care comes with great communication. Learn about your pain and how to tell your healthcare provider how you feel.

What is biopsychosocial Medicine?

Biology – We can develop pain because of our genes or because of diseases and injuries. Western medicine focuses very much on the biology of disease. My website is not large enough to concentrate on the biology of disease, but if you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please use the comment / contact form.

Psychosocial Medicine? Our environment and our interactions with ourselves and others influences health tremendously. You will notice I spend much of my time on stress and disease. How we cope with our pain – emotional and physical – and how we interact with our environment affects us and those around us.

I do mention opioids. Because of the opioid crisis there are patients in severe pain who may be suffering because of restrictions in pain medications. Healthcare providers are having a difficult time working around new guidelines. Let’s all work together. We must listen to each other. Use your voice. There are forms to speak to your healthcare provider.

Conversations About Pain are Important. Please remember to be mindful and respectful. People suffering with chronic pain are often overwhelmed and traumatized. They may even have chronic pain because of past deep seated traumas. You can help by being kind.

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