There is a world of pain out there. Here are some stories that I have gathered from the internet. I will add the latest to the top. Please let me know if a link doesn’t work – it takes a village to make a website.

I will add new links from top to bottom: Most recent additions on top.

@AmzFibro The MyalgiaFibroWarriorUK

Here’s a link to a person who has recovered from alcohol addiction. Kevin Barhydt.

Here is a lovely article on Grounding to Balance your Hormones – enjoy

Here is a link to a website that has great podcasts. Healthcare’s Authentic Voice

Thank you for this link. Songs that help People with PTSD – I will share it in Management too. Music to help PTSD and Stress

A post on the effects of opiate restrictions on a patient with fibromyalgia

twitter @Dating4D     great stories of inspiration 

Looking well when chronically ill

A Chronic Voice

Caylee Cresta’s Tweet

There is more to chronic pain than just pain

A girl and m.e.

Sheryl Chan / HuffPost

The Unbroken Smile

Celeste Cooper: Fibromyalgia and CRPS

The Burning Night CRPS 

Chronic Pain – The seated view

The Purple Bucket – CRPS

Preserving Dignity in a Dying Person

Two Rooms Plus Utilities

Here are some links from twitter: @whatapain_blog   @hospitalprncss @Little_Ms_Wise @Not_Just_Tired @worldseesnormal @chronic_hopeful  @JourneyFog 


Here are more stories of pain from: Pain BC