How to use program

Dear C.

Thank you for your query. I have a response which I hope may help.

I created the website so that patients in pain can pursue the program on their own.
When overwhelmed with pain, it is hard to even begin to work on a pain program – any pain program. Let me see if I can help. 
1. Severe pain is often not helped with the usual pain meds. People in pain are judged harshly and feel a sense of shame when they use opioids or Marijuana to cope. And then they often leave a doctors office feeling as if the pain is in their head. That is why I created the program.
2. If the pain is too severe, the person may require opioids to cope with the pain to start the program. Once the pain is a bit lower, then they can see a way to cope with the program. Sometimes Acetaminophen (with or without Ibuprofen OR Aleve) is enough. Person will have to check with doc to clear meds. 
3. Understanding that the pain doesn’t come from the brain – but that the brain registers the pain – is next. An alarmed brain causes pain. Pain causes an alarmed brain. Vicious cycle. Check out the first video on home page (improving pain – where to start?)
4. Step 1 – rate pain – very important – if person has high A.C.E. score (3 or over) then the person needs to work on Stress Anxiety and PTSD and the Daily Program
5. Step 2 – all pain causes stress. The body can calm the alarm centre of the brain with correct breathing. It requires a lot of practice but once learned and used all the time – helps enormously
6. Step 3 – explains pain
7. Stretching and moving is vital – this has to be started slowly and has to be done twice a day. I have recovery poses for back pain under Types of pain – look for recovery poses – Severe back pain may require these poses to be done every few minutes for the first few days – I have seen months of chronic pain relieved in 3-4 days by patients doing these poses everytime they feel pain. 
This is a good start. Person can check out specific types of pain. Feel free to ask questions. 

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