EMDR has helped me cope with my trauma. My A.C.E. score is 6/10 and doing EMDR therapy has improved my confidence, my anxiety, depression and sleep. here is a short video which you may find interesting.

it is not for everyone. You do need to have all your mental health tools on board before attempting this procedure. These are a few of the vital ones:


You may already be practising mindfulness without knowing you are. If you feel upset or stressed and you reach out to pray, that is a form of mindfulness. It means you are in the moment and aware of your reactions. Forgiveness is letting go which is also a form of mindfulness. The more you think about the future, the less mindful you are. 


Breathing heals the body and the body heals the Limbic system. This technique is essential to calm the Limbic system which stores pain and past traumas. 

Body Calming through Yoga, Tai Chi or QiGong Daily Program

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – What you think is what you feel. 

Good Luck


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