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A year ago I started building my website. I was scared out of my wits, but the Gale Course offered through our library guided me wonderfully through the journey. I would have loved to have done a similar course to understand the rest of social media. A year later I feel I am only now beginning to get the hang of Twitter and Facebook, and don’t dare go to any of the other platforms. (Ha Ha – see – I have some jargon. Also could have used LOL but then always think of how I thought that meant lots of love – which confused my administrative assistant no end.)

I digress. As usual. Social Media has proven informative and fun. I am still learning the rules. In an attempt to spread the news of my website, I think I broke a zillion etiquette rules. But life is learning and I am now sharing a helpful article from Twitter that introduces a number of great hashtags and twitter handles that deal with chronic pain. I hope you find it interesting.

Social Media Skills for Professionals.

Although marked for professionals, the article mentions how important it is for patients to explore these avenues as well. Partnership in Care! Love it.

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