Fibromyalgia and genetics

We are now learning rapidly how fibromyalgia can be linked to epigenetics. What on earth is epigenetics?

Previously we thought our genes were fixed. That the information coded on our genes is permanent. Now we have learned that only 4% of the information in our genetic coding is fixed, for example, the color of our skins, hair, eyes.

How are bodies are made can be changed even in third trimester of your mother’s pregnancy. If your mother has severe stress – physical or emotional – then a chemical reaction can occur that changes your genetic profile.

There are proteins and chemical reactions that happen to molecules attached to your genes. These changes are like a key and a lock. With stress, the reaction can be like a key that opens the door to changes in your body. For example, an inflammatory gene can be switched on. This inflammatory gene is coded to cause different types of inflammation in your body.

The changes can also cause diabetes, high blood pressure and even cancer genes can be switched on by these epigenetic changes.

There are now many scientists working on epigenetics. The ways our body is affected by stress or toxins in our environment.

The good news is, that many of these changes are temporary. We can change our futures. Use tools to lower inflammation. Ways to calm the Limbic System is one of them.

More to come as we learn more

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