COVID-19 and Ibuprofent/NSAIDs

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There have been reports of Ibuprofen increasing the chance of severe illness if you are infected with COVID-19. These reports have not been scientifically proven.

Ibuprofen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory – NSAID. NSAIDs have been linked to kidney and heart disease in some people. For that reason, I have asked my patients to avoid them unless absolutely necessary. Other types of NSAIDs that are the same as Ibuprofen include Naproxen (Aleve), Diclofenac (Voltaren). Ask your pharmacist and avoid NSAIDs and Cox 2 inhibitors too, if possible. Always speak to your health care professional first before stopping any prescribed medication.

I don’t think we can say it’s scientifically proven that NSAIDs cause the virus to become more virulent, but I hope you will consider avoiding them anyway. They are potent drugs and do help for pain and fever, but the risk may not be worth it.

We don’t have a cure for the virus yet, nor a vaccine, but research is underway and hopefully it will hapen soon.

Stay well-hydrated. Honey is a good anti-inflammatory – I believe honey in hot water can help – but not if you are a diabetic, please. Acetaminophen is safe, but only if you stay with the recommended doses. Read the dosing instructions carefully. Do not use more than 75mg/kg per day (per 24 hours)  for children (if your child weighs 10kg, or 22ibs, then maximum 750mg per 24 hours). Below a little chart for use in children.

And no more than 4g or 4000mg for adults. (Maximum 4gram) It is very toxic in overdose – even double the amount can damage your liver or cause death.

Rest, move around a bit but don’t overdo it if you are sick. Isolate from your family if you are sick. Sanitize the bathroom if you share.

Although we understand that COVID-19 is not as virulent in some countries as first thought – it kills just under 1% of people infected, it is still at least six times as deadly as the flu and in some countries the virulence seems higher. Please do not underestimate the dangers.

Stay safe. Stay well. All the best. Judy

Cheat Sheet for Tylenol – Simplified version of above:

Acetominophen: Chewable Tylenol (160mg) per tablet. Children’s suspension: 160mg/5ml

24-35 ibs (2-3 years) Chewable Children’s Tylenol (160mg) – 1 tablet every 4 hours but only 5 tablets per 24 hours.     Children’s tylenol suspension 5ml (160mg) every 4 hours maximum 5 times per 24 hours. Maximum 25 ml per 24 hours.

36 – 47 ibs: Chewable tablet – 1.5 (1 and 1/2) tablet every 4 hours but only 5 per 24 hours.     Suspension: 7.5ml every 4 hours max 5 times per 24 hours

48-59 ibs: 2 Chewable children’s tablets every 4 hours, maximum 10 tablets in 24 hours.    Suspension – 10ml every 4 hours max 50ml in 24 hours.

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