Chronic pain can torment you

I have a patient who tells me he feels tormented.

As if the whole world has step by step through his life “bullied” him, from an older brother, to people who have taken advantage of him, to the system which doesn’t see the individual, but only acts almost blindly.

No doubt there is a plenty of unfairness in the world. There are people that internalize this injustice – they inflict the pain on their inner bodies – the Limbic system. 

I would hazard a guess that most people who are gentle and then bullied don’t take out their pain on others, but instead that pain affects their bodies. The limbic system lights up and because it is happening without your thinking brain recognizing it, changes happen – hormonal, flight fright freeze response, and your body goes haywire. It can disempower you and make it harder for you to make the necessary changes. 

When you feel as if you can’t rise above the injustices of society and then your body lets you down as well, that can disempower you even more. 

That makes it very hard to do the work necessary to get better. Start with the daily program. I’ve set it up in manageable steps. Then follow up after a month with other work. Speak to me in the comment box if you need advice. 

Good luck


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