5 Grounding Technique

Try this Exercise: 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1

5 Look around – recognize – take note – of 5 thing that you can see

4 Touch 4 things that are around you and recognize the feel / texture / cold or hot

3 Take note of 3 things that you can hear

2 Take note of 2 things that you can smell

1 Take note of one thing you taste – even if it’s only your saliva

While doing this – make sure you are doing your abdominal breathing.

This is a technique to calm your limbic system

Remember if you are calm – you think and work more effectively.

Remember the more lit up the yellow limbic system, the less your thinking brain (see the red arrow) is working.

Pay attention to fiddling, twitching, leg kicking – all a sign your limbic system if lit up.

Good Luck


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