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Good morning bloggers
I hope your week is going to be a good one. It’s either minus one or plus one today in rural B.C. and I’m not too keen to know which side of zero we’re on this fine Spring day. Mist over the lake and my birds are making a catastrophic mess on the dining room table – not only seeds. Let’s leave it at that. Do I hear eew? Good thing we don’t socialize too much (when we do it’s an epic flood of disinfectant on our slate dining room table) – Are there any others out there who choose their furniture according to their pets?
On to comments:
Thank you dear reader for mentioning prolotherapy. It’s out of my scope of practice but that’s exactly what the website is for. I shall ask any naturopaths out there to refer me to a reputable you tube video or link and add it to my alternative practice section. Perhaps you know of a link?

Thank you for all the lovely ratings. Feel free to comment and ask questions. This is a work in progress – as are we all.
Have a great day and remember to belly breathe.

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