Resources for Healing Complex PTSD

Where to start? So many places and so little time. But, before we get to the resources, consider if you have overcome the first hurdle – accepting that you need help. That’s hard. I should know. It took me decades before I reached out to others to help me with my complex PTSD.

Asking for help is the next step. Shame can prevent you from reaching out. We’re taught to suck it up, buttercup. Or made to feel we’re no good. Who needs someone else confirming the lowest opinion we have of ourselves? Being so vulnerable may make us feel unsafe. When we have complex PTSD, most of us seek safety, and asking for help can feel unsafe. We can feel judged.

A friend could help overcome these barriers by accompanying you on a visit. Your healthcare provider could refer you to a mental health team, women’s resource center, or the Canadian Mental Health Association. You could have free access to these in Canada and don’t need to be referred.

The internet is a great tool. There are many sites that provide valuable free resources. 

Here are some links to tools to help you manage your symptoms of complex PTSD.

The Crappy Childhood Fairy

The CPTSD Foundation

Complex Trauma Resources

In this time of extreme stress, we need to reach out to others to help improve our quality of life.

Good luck.

Take care






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