New Variants COVID-19 a concern

The Delta and Lambda variants remind us to continue our vigilance. Masks are an inconvenience, and for those with claustrophobia or respiratory illness, uncomfortable, but until this pandemic has run its course, we are still in danger.

This pandemic has led to high stress and anxiety. It is normal to fear the unknown. Even healthy.

Those of us with anxiety often feel the need to control what is happening around us, whether it be people or conditions placed on us. We can react by rejecting something that makes us feel less in control.

Resisting change is also a symptom of high stress, and most of us today have stress.

It is sometimes easier to listen to people who are in the same mindset as we are. People we can relate to. People responding similarly to our fears and anxieties about the unknown. It is hard to trust science when the information seems clouded with mixed messages.

While we learn more and more each day about this virus and all its variants, the safest information is from the scientists. Speak to your health care provider who can help you navigate the enormous burden of information coming at us from social media, newspapers, TV, and other sources.

Please be safe. Wear a mask. Only travel to places you need to go to. I understand the need to escape the boredom of being at home. If you must travel, stay in small groups and avoid crowds. Concentrate on activities outdoors and beware of overheating.

Wow! The world seems so unsafe, no wonder we are anxious. Try to find things each day that comfort you. Seek your fun and happiness with a vengeance.

Good Luck. We are all in this together.


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