Trauma Course

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Into week 2 of NICABM’s Treating Trauma Master Series.

The course is inspiring and validating. At times it’s really hard to know whether you’re on the right track – I’ll bet you can all relate to that. When we’ve experienced childhood trauma, we learn to doubt ourselves. Ruth and Bessel and the rest of the expert team are teaching us how to learn to trust ourselves.

I’m so happy to learn that they encourage allowing the Right side of your brain a voice in therapy. Docs are taught emotions are supposed to be left at the door – in my day anyway – distance yourself from your patients – sharing is too daring. NICABM’s explains beautifully how a left sided brain (doc listening) can’t hear what the right side of the brain (patient) is trying to say – this means that a doc using only the thinking part of her brain, won’t necessary pick up what the emotional patient is trying to convey.

It’s hard, for both patients and doctors, as we struggle to learn how best to help a traumatized person. Bessel says – Chaos and Emotion – then we’re in the zone of healing. Who said people with mental health issues are weak? LOL – which I have learned means laugh out loud – not lots of love.

On that note – off to have some down time.

Enjoy the last of the weekend


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