Sugar and the Brain

I have a video that explains diabetes but I’d like to discuss diabetes in a different way.

The limbic system of the brain – also known as the alarm center – affects your sugar. When your body is under any form of stress, Yeah Yeah, emotional or physical – which could also mean a de-conditioned body – one suffering because it is not moving and stretching enough – where was I? Oh yes, Stress causes the sugar to go up. I think we all know that.

Your body prepares to run. To fight. So it wants all the sugar to be available to only necessary organs. Your brain, your heart and your large muscles. However, in our cases, we are often sitting on our butts, not using the available sugar to run from the oncoming great woolly mammoth – hmmm where they around with humans – probably not. MN – the patient who is helping me with my blog thinks they may have been.

So now you have all this sugar floating around in your body with nowhere to go. You might notice you pee a lot – thanks kidneys for trying to help – and then you get thirsty – and drink a lot – hopefully water and not wine – that’ll make it worse – though you’ll probably not feel it till the day after. You will only have these symptoms by the time your sugar is very high and we don’t want to wait for that.

In the early stages of sugar intolerance, your sugar fluctuates wildly and can even test normal. Often. But the times the sugar is high, it is silently playing havoc in your body.

Glucose attacks endothelial layers. Which are? They are linings in your cells – which by the by also have fascia – but we won’t go into that – although low sugar diets help pain – okay – I did go there. Where was I – darn squirrel – yes – glucose and endothelial layers. They are really the basic lining cells of almost everything and sugar damages these linings. So . . . .

High sugar damages linings of the liver cells – fatty liver damage is from sugar – not fat. Layers of your arteries get damaged – check out the TED talk in the diet/lifestyle/chronic diseases section – I’ll put the link below as I’m still sorting out how to use the new wordpres editor. Bloody slow to catch on – sorry. – oops that’s the Canadian in me.

So now the layers of cells in your blood vessels (and all the other organs) are getting damaged and that causes liver, kidney, brain, heart and more – trouble – and pain.

MN asks – How do we correct that. I like a variation of the keto diet if you’re not a diabetic but if you are a diabetic – speak to your doc – but I feel even sugar intolerant people should be on a keto diet. Caveman diet. check out the links below. And – did I mention exercise?

Exercise is the key to health. You can exercise very effectively in a chair but always keep your knees at an angle where you can see your toes.

Good luck Judy

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