Our life stories are as unique as our goals should be. Sometimes I imagine goals for myself even if they are incredibly unrealistic, goals like losing the ten kilograms stuck to my body for the past ten years, or publishing a best-seller. 

Here are a list of more realistic goals for me:

Manage my own stress so that I can afford to be kind and compassionate

Tame my emotions when they become too intense to tolerate

Nourish my body and mind with kindness, healthy food, healthy thoughts, and exercise. 

These are long term goals. I could perhaps achieve these goals if I start in baby steps. 

Attend to my breathing. Notice what makes me upset. Notice why I choose certain foods. 

Some people have so little energy, it’s hard to even think about getting out of bed, never mind brushing your teeth or having a shower. Think about small steps you could manage and then build on success. 

I invite you to share one or more of your goals with each other or simply by writing the goals in your journal.

Group Course Week One