Group Course Week One

Before starting the course, please sign the Contract. 

We are here for ourselves and each other. No-one need participate or speak out if they prefer not to. If you feel triggered or unsafe, please speak to the presenter, or assistant, or simply leave. This is a judgement free zone. 

Even before I introduce myself, I am going to introduce writing. Nobody will see this journal except you. Fill it with spelling mistakes, murder grammar as much as you like, doodle, draw, scratch on the paper. Only you should read your journal.  

In my writing I have learned free writing helps to free your imagination and your mind. Free writing can set you free. Your head may be filled with self-criticism and doubts. See the blank page as a safe zone. A place where you can write down anything and everything you think of. It is a place where you can do no wrong. We all need a safe place where we can do and say no wrong. 


I am a survivor of child abuse. My A.C.E. score is 6/10. I suffer from complex PTSD which has caused me symptoms of anxiety, depression, ADHD, and various behavioural problems that are listed as traits of personality disorders. I am also at high risk of becoming addicted to alcohol. But my story is not defined by my mental illness. I am a wife, a family doctor, and a writer. 

I invite you to share your story or simply add it to your personal journal either in writing or in art form. 

Trauma is any event that is experienced as significantly unpleasant. It can be a physical or emotional experience. It can be a one time event or recurring unpleasant experiences. 

When bad things happen to us, one common result is an experience of Shame, even if we are in no way responsible for what happened to us. Shame is a survival mechanism and wired into our genetics and it often cripples us. Prevents us from moving forward. 

How can I move forward from Complex PTSD trauma?

Why attend group?

We have unique life stories and our reasons for being in a group will be as varied. Think about your life and what you think you would like to achieve in group. Goals. 

How does stress affect your health?

Managing Chronic Pain and Stress is a matter of Life or Death. The quality of your life and even the length of your life can be affected by untreated stress. 

Have a look at the link to the Limbic System if you are interested. 

I invite you to consider how your life could be improved if your Pain and Stress improved. You could share your thoughts, or write them in your journal. 

There are many ways to calm the Limbic System. The most important step is learning how to breathe. Step 2. 


Consider the reason why you are attending the group. Write down some reasons or new goals. 

Consider any barriers – reasons you feel unable to participate

Practise nourishing breathing.  Step 2