Videos Relating to Complex PTSD

Past traumas lead to Complex PTSD which leads to physical and mental ill health. If you have complex PTSD, you often have few friends, you may find relationships hard, even the doctor-patient relationship can be troublesome, and, if untreated, these problems get worse as you get older.

Unfortunately, if you have complex PTSD, your past experiences make it difficult to trust people and difficult to work with them to improve your health. Your ability to focus and concentrate will also be affected. 

When listening to the videos – there is no harm in listening for a few minutes, then taking a break, and returning later. Watching the videos may cause you to become dysregulated. Pay attention to your breathing, your pulse, fidgeting. If you feel irritated or angry, that is a clue that you may be deregulating. You may wish to stop and try Step 2 breathing or some of the techniques on the Daily Program

Here are some behaviours that are common when you have complex PTSD.

Here is a link to a questionnaire to see if you have Complex PTSD

Emotional dysregulation is common when you have complex PTSD. You can become triggered simply by visiting your doctor. You can feel unsafe in a situation – threatened – and this can trigger emotional upheaval. 

One common symptom is memory loss, you forget what you wanted to do, you can also become frozen, numb. Your body can react physically with tics, or muscle spasms and pain. You can withdraw from people or lash out at them. If we don’t pay attention to these symptoms, our body can become chronically ill. Memory loss causes anxiety and uncontrolled anxiety and PTSD can eventually lead to dementia symptoms. 

Have you been diagnosed with a Borderline Personality Disorders? This is common if you have complex PTSD.  There are differences.  

Splitting is common if you have borderline personality disorder. It causes difficulties in your relationships. 

People who come from difficult childhoods adjust to survive their childhoods. Later, these survival mechanisms lead to relationship problems. Some people become chronic people pleasers, others become narcissists.   There are more videos from this wonderful therapist. Dr. Ramani’s full series

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