Autoimmune Disease

Please remember any advice here is not a substitute for regular medical care. Also I work alone, so make suggestions about more you want to learn. 

Autoimmune diseases simply put are diseases where your body attacks itself. It sees cells in your body as foreign. It is an overactive immune response – your body in a state of alarm trying to protect itself. 

It’s kind of like when you have chronic pain, and your alarm system becomes sick, then you can no longer rely on your body to tell you how severe the pain is or where the pain is. In the cause of autoimmune disease, your immune system is unable to detect your own cells from invader cells. The immune system attacks your cells. 

It can be rheumatoid arthritis where your the synovium (lining around your joints) is attacked. 

Multiple sclerosis where the nerve sheaths are attacked.

Polymyalgia rheumatic.

Autoimmune thyroid conditions like Graves Disease or Hashimotos

Raynaud’s Disease and other Vascular autoimmune diseases

Lowering inflammation and alarm in the brain can protect you from developing these diseases. Listen to your body and hear when something is causing toxicity, for example foods like sugar, alcohol, smoking, environmental and political stress.

Take care