Interest Growing in ACEs

Good morning bloggers

It has been a difficult month in terms of time. I won’t share my troubles as they are miniscule compared to most – I am so lucky in having my health and only time constraints – but I have missed chatting on my blog.

Last night I found #ACEs on twitter and hope that you find time to visit the hashtag. I have a link to an article on the effect of ACEs Washington Post but you will also find many useful links even on twitter.

I also found great inspiration @Dating4Disabled – many links to articles about inspiring people. At the height of my mini-crisis – I woke with anxiety and after reading only one article, had my problem in perspective.

I hope to have more time this weekend to share some pain thoughts, but find it most helpful to do this with my patients in the room – team work wins every time, and our computers are down for now. So watch this space.

I’ve shared some blog posts on Stories if you are interested.

Have a great day and weekend

All the best


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