Symptoms of Low Glucose?

I’ve had 2 patients in two days with exactly the same complaints. These complaints are common and I myself have had these symptoms or similar symptoms in the past.

Shakiness, tremors, sweating, tingling, headaches, fatigue, queasiness sometimes, and the desperate need to eat sugar. As soon as you eat something sweet you feel better. Sometimes it can make a person so weak, need to lie down. Happens at any time. What is causing this?

These symptoms are typical of a stress reaction. Oh No. There she goes again. Is everything Stress? nope. So low glucose is a cause of stress. So any physical illness, can stress your body enough to cause this reaction and it can be from low blood glucose, pain, emotional stress, any and all of the above.

It’s fine to grab carbs and some protein and fat to get that instant relief, but don’t ignore the symptom. It’s a sign that something is wrong. See you health care provider.

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