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Long weekend this weekend and I’m about to head into the garden. I wanted to wish you a good weekend. If you feel well, pace yourselves so that you don’t get hurt.

I have added an article about a possible genetic link to fibromyalgia in widespread pain section.

I have shared videos on Fibromyalgia (click the blue).  

New article supports a genetic basis so Fibromyalgia: Article. 

Another reason – I have learned that we all have a switch in our genes that can be turned on by trauma- even when your mother is pregnant in her third trimester. Switching this gene on leads to an increase in proteins that cause inflammation. 

If any of you wish to share a pain story or would like more information, feel free to contact me in the contact section. I think I had a problem with the email link, and will be trying to sort that out this morning.

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