Stress vs Anxiety

Physical stress and emotional stress is the biggest reason for inflammation in the body. Inflammation in your bladder (cystitis) in your stomach (gastritis) in your brain (brain fog and dementia) in your heart (SCADs heart attacks). The limbic system doesn’t differentiate (see the difference) between physical and emotional stress.

For example, the ten years before menopause, hormonal fluctuations cause physical stress. SCADS Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection – where the walls of the arteries in your heart split – the cause of 30% of heart attacks in women under the age of 50 – all due to added physical stress load on the body.

Last week, I had a patient present with urticaria – her whole body was covered with raised red freakishly itchy patches. She couldn’t cope. The medications, even Prednisone, was not working. (Prednisone is a very strong anti-inflammatory drug).

We went through all the possible reasons, but I didn’t mention anxiety. (My patients are fed up with my talking about anxiety anxiety anxiety). She brought it up. She’d had a disturbing experience before the rash appeared. She commented on my site (comments are hidden) how the rash improved almost immediately with the program below. I reminded her to look at the rash and imagine if this was what was happening on her skin, imagine what is happening inside the body.

Stress doesn’t only affect the body. It also affects the mind. Causing anxiety, depression, inattention, brain fog, . . . the list goes on.

We all have stress. Anxiety is when the stress load is too much and the body is overwhelmed.

Take care. Use your Body to Calm the Mind


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