Losing Weight

A healthy self image is very important to enjoy a good quality of life. We place far too much emphasis on how we look. Enjoy the body you have. Don’t chase the Kate Middleton and Mylie Cyrus looks. Look to role models that suit your body.

However, if you are obese, it can compromise your health. Living well and nourishing your body is important. But not always easy. Don’t believe it’s only about what you eat.

I’ve always been chubby, not really – since the age of about ten really, but I am happy with my body. It serves me very well. I am also lucky, because I should have been obese. I use food for comfort. To celebrate. When I’m bored. Any emotion that makes me feel uncomfortable has me thinking – fooooood. Especially carbs that are easy to digest because that is what my freaked out brain desires. Chocolate . . .

Luckily for me, my stress response is a Fight (not so lucky for others) response. My limbic system gears up to run, to fight, and my hormones set my metabolism on fire. So I remain overweight, but not obese. Phew!

For those of you who are obese, more than likely, you have a freeze response to stress. Your metabolism is a super saver. It shuts down to hoard calories (kilojoules), storing energy as if you are about to enter the ice age. Or more likely now, global meltdown. Oops now I’ve stressed you out more. Feel those calories bloating up your body.

What to do? Of course, eating healthily is essential. The Mediterranean diet or a combination of Keto and Mediterranean can be found on Diet and Lifestyle. Of course, consult your healthcare provider first. And another obvious ingredient would burning calories – Exercise. But what to do if you don’t have the motivation (because of freeze response)?

I discuss these issues not to help you lose weight, so much as to help you find a path of balance in your life. To find balance, we have to take care of hidden stress or poor self-image problems. What we feel about ourselves and our bodies can be a reflection of hidden issues.

To improve a balanced approach to life, take a look at Ways you can use your body to calm your stress response. These exercises are like body building exercises for the mind. They will make you stronger. Help you concentrate. Help you enjoy a better life.

Remember we are social animals. We need others to balance our lives. Also pay attention to spiritual matters. A healthy mind, body, spirit will keep you strong.

Good Luck


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