Long Covid

Covid is here to stay. The stress of the pandemic, the division it has caused in families and communities, and the near collapse of health care systems are only some of the long term effects. Another is Long Covid after a Covid infection.

Some long Covid symptoms include fatigue and exhaustion with exertion. After a COVID infection, notice your body’s needs. If you feel fatigue, then a gradual return to activities is necessary. Try the 4 P’s:

Pacing, Prioritizing – choosing the most important tasks, Positioning – modifying activities to make them easier to do, Planning to conserve energy.

 Long COVID causes physical and mental changes – anxiety, depression, PTSD. The viral effects can be compared to myalgic encephalitis, ME syndrome.

Shortness of breath can be helped using Breathing Exercises, Lung exercises – see video below. A pulmonary therapist can help assess for the need for medication or oxygen.

Sleep and Relaxation is very important for healing. 

Body exercises and tools cand be used to Lower Inflammation.

People with long Covid can develop POTS, fluctuations in your heart rate depending on your posture. 

We talk so often about medical care, but the care of family, friends, and community is essential. Reach out to your loved ones – don’t be shy to ask for help.

Take care


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