Alberta Pain Conference 2020

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Dr. John. Pereira: A healthy diet is especially important if you live with chronic pain. Food is the source of home improvement.

Inflammation is a key part of the stress response. It turns on in response to stress. In this conference I have heard the word inflammation mentioned many times, including in discussions about dementia. In the 21st Century – we have many activators of inflammation. Just turning on the news is enough to become inflamed. Poor sleep. Too little or too much activity. Too little relaxation. All contribute to inflammation.

He speaks about diet. The importance of avoiding processed foods. Consuming omega oils in fish low in mercury. He talks about the importance of avoiding free sugar – this includes sugars added to foods, including honey. Natural healthy foods reduce inflammation. Eat across the colour spectrum. Turmeric contains curcumin and may reduce inflammation. But it can affect gall bladder disease and cause thinning of your blood. Garlic also reduces inflammation and thins the blood.

Talk to your healthcare provider before you make any changes. Check out Diet, Lifestyle, and Chronic Disease. I do love the recipe he shared – shrimp and garlic cooked in olive oil over medium heat, with sundried tomato, basil, and oregano.

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