Alberta Pain Conference 2020 Cannabis

Dr. Hance Clarke: Science is struggling to catch up to clinical use of cannabis. We are interested in cannabis when we look at any neurodegenerative disease.

Hooray Canada – second country in the world to legalize cannabis. (I believe if alcohol is legal, then cannabis should also be.) During Covid, Canada tried to make sure that people had cannabis. Reports show that 16% were using cannabis for pain and at least 22% had tried it.

There are protocols for use of cannabis. Dr. Clarke introduced guidance using cannabis, particularly involving perioperative use.

CBD vs Cannabis. More than 10:1 is CBD driven vs THC driven. The increased use of THC increases the use of side effects. Greater than 1.5g of THC is worrisome. More than 300mg of CBD is also worrisome. Be careful about unregistered products – more than 2 to 3 per day should be avoided.

He introduced experts linked to CCT Cannabinoid Therapeutics and the RWE Clinical Trial. The products used in the trial are expertly checked and analysed.

Real world evidence coming out. Check out Alberta innovates.


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