Take Politics out of COVID

I write with a heavy heart today as I watch the pandemic surging in many countries around the world. Sending good wishes and thoughts your way is not enough. I wish it were.

Until recently, I never involved myself in politics (to my shame). But now I find I need to talk about politics. Or rather implore you to leave politics out of COVID. Please ignore politicians when it comes to matters of your health and COVID in particular.

Dr. Fauci has been a true leader in the face of terrific odds. He stands firm and strong despite enormous outside pressure. He has no ulterior motives. Please follow Dr. Fauci’s advice and the advice of medical professionals.

Keep your distance from people. If you are living in a hot zone, or even a warm zone, stay away from the elderly, diabetics, and other immunocompromised individuals. Wear a mask if you are inside, or even outside if you are close to other people. The virus can jump 8 foot. Wash your hands for 20seconds and use sanitizer.

Countries like Norway and New Zealand have shown the way. BC in Canada has also done well. But more and more places are opening up and we need to be careful.

We are in the midst of a war, but it is more like a civil war, or a guerrilla war. We can fight the virus, no problem, if people were to rise as one. Recognize that we are social beings and that we depend on each other. I have seen Canadians reaching out to help each other. Shop for immunocompromised people. Use masks. Keep their distance. Stay at home. I have seen true community spirit. In the North of British Columbia, we have had a total of 65 cases and no new cases for ages.

But there are still individuals who feel entitled. They believe this virus that is killing hundreds of thousands of people is a hoax. I think it is fear too. Fear makes us deny reality. The reality that we are one and that we depend on each other.

Please take care of yourselves and each other. Listen to Dr. Fauci. The WHO are also trying their best to navigate the swamp that is made up of politicians, many of whom are only interested in enriching themselves and gaining more power.

Take care.


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