COVID Chronic pain and Adolscents or Children with Stress

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I have been catching up on my reading. Eeeek – so many journals that stacked up – but I came across a great article about the harm of early or inopportune withdrawal of opioids for chronic pain.

I started this website because of the difficulty my patients experienced with the opioid crisis and my attempts to decrease their medication. I feel we have established a balance, but that is only because my patients helped me with their treatment. Setting goals and listening to patients, understanding that they know their bodies better than a doctor does, is very important.

On to Children and Teenagers – I have some great links that I hope parents may find useful. Please let me know if you have any questions with the links or share links of your own that are helpful.

Crisis Line

Addictions information

Kelty Mental Health

Kid’s Care This one looks particularly great.

I hope you are all staying safe.

All the best Judy

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